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Object Pronouns

singular: me, you, him, her, it

plural: us, you, them

Subject Pronoun Object Pronoun Noun
I talk to you.
You talk to me.
for oneself
You talk to me.
I talk to you.
One person I talk to
He calls you.
You call him.
a boy or a man
She looks at you.
You look at her.
a girl or a woman
It is a cat.
It is a banana.
You feed it .
You eat it.
an animal, an idea, a place,
a situation, a thing, time,
weather, an emotion
one banana = it
We talk together.
Someone talks to us.
I + you = we
me + you = us
You learn English.
I teach you English.
They eat ice cream.
Someone gave them ice cream.
people = they / them
things = they / them


Part A.

Directions: Fill in the blank with the correct object pronoun. The words in parentheses will help you choose the correct word. (20 points)

  • I see him every day. (a man)
  • Please give her the information. (a woman)
  • He calls them on the weekends. (his parents)
  • Throw it to me. (a ball)
  • She kissed me. ( I )
  • I’m in love with her. (a woman)
  • We told them not to go to that restaurant. (two people)
  • The boss hired you last year. (you)
  • The teacher asked him to clean the desks. (a boy)
  • Do you know how to work it? (a machine)
  • He really likes it. (his job)
  • My accountant called me yesterday. ( I )
  • The teacher helped them after school. (a girl and a boy)
  • Don’t eat them! (some rotten grapes)
  • I asked all of you to finish this assignment. (you)
  • She gave us too much work to do. (you and I)
  • Do you understand him? (a male teacher)
  • Do you know her? (a woman)
  • We need to finish it next week. (an assignment)
  • Help us! (you and I)

Part B.

Directions: Write the subject and object pronouns in the singular and plural forms. (10 points)

singular subject singular object plural subject plural object
I me we us
you you you you
she her they them
he him    
it it    

Reading Time : Matthew gets ready to go to work.

Matthew gets ready to go to work early every morning. After he wakes up, he makes himself some coffee, he reads the newspaper, shaves and showers, and he has breakfast. This morning Matthew is running late, so he only has enough time to shave before he leaves his apartment.

Matthew turns on the water. The water from the faucet is cold, so he lets the water run for a minute before cupping his hands together and splashing water on his face. The warm water feels good on his skin, and it helps him wake up a little.

He puts on the shaving cream and he begins to shave. Matthew is careful when he shaves because he doesn’t want to cut himself. First he shaves under his nose, then he shaves from the right side of his face to the left side of his face.

When he’s finished shaving, Matthew rinses his face with water to get the shaving cream off. He dries his face off with a towel, gets dressed, and heads to work. Once he arrives at work, he’ll get some coffee from the coffee shop near his office.

How much do you remember from the reading ? Fill in the blanks.

1A: Why doesn’t Matthew make coffee for himself this morning?

1B: He is running late.

2A: Does Matthew usually watch TV in the morning?

2B: No, he doesn't .

3A: What does he put on his face?

3B: He puts on some shaving cream.

4A: Why is he careful when he shaves?

4B: He doesn’t want to cut himself.

5A: What does he use to dry off his face?

5B: He uses a towel .