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a lot / some / any

These words are used with count and noncount nouns

a lot of = many or much

There is a lot of traffic on one side of the street.

There are a lot of cars on one side of the street.

A lot of traffic = many cars

not a lot of = not many or not much

There isn't a lot of traffic on the other side.

There are some cars but not very many.

(some = a relatively small amount but “some” is not easy to quantify or equate to a particular number.)

There were a lot of people at the beach yesterday.

There aren't a lot of people at the beach today.

There aren't many people at the beach today. There are some but not many.

Use “any” with negatives and questions.

There isn’t any traffic in the street.

There aren’t any cars. (not any = 0)

Do you see any people?

A lot, some, and any are used with indefinite amounts:


Q: How many students are there in the classroom:
A: There are a lot. (This is a large number). Or….
A: There are some students. (This is a small number but the number is not known.) Or….
A: There aren’t any students. (This is zero or a very, very small number and the number is not known.)

From the video:

The word “some” is very popular in English. It goes before a noun.

Some / Any:

count nouns noncount nouns
He has some good ideas. He has some water.
He doesn’t have any good ideas.
(When using a negative, change “some” to “any”, not + any = zero.)
He doesn’t have any water.
He doesn’t have many good ideas. He doesn’t have much water.
(To show a small amount use “not” + “much”.)
He doesn’t have a lot of good ideas. He doesn’t have a lot of water.

Red Level Quiz #9 - Any & Some

Part A.
Directions: Fill in the blank with “any” or “some” (10 points)

  • She doesn’t have any time today.
  • I bought some oranges.
  • There’s some milk in the refrigerator if you want some.
  • There’s never any money in my wallet.
  • Do you have some eggs?
  • I need to get some new shoes.
  • They would love to have some more children.
  • Did you see any clothes that you wanted to buy?
  • There aren’t any good stores at that mall.
  • Mary can’t find any earrings to wear.

Part B.
Directions: Change these sentences to the negative. (10 points)

  • She has some bananas.
    • She doesn't have any bananas.
  • I want some pizza.
    • I don't want any pizza.
  • He bought some groceries.
    • He didn't buy any groceries.
  • We wanted some water.
    • We didn't want any water.
  • The students learned some English.
    • The students didn't learn any English.

Part C.
Directions: Write sentences or questions using “any” or “ some. (10 points)

  • There aren’t any books.
  • Did you find some water?
  • Is there any body?
  • I bought some apples.
  • There are some oranges.
  • Would you like some coffee.
  • I saw some people in that street.
  • This isn’t any one.
  • We had some money.
  • Can I get any one?

Reading Time : Raccoons are common throughout North America.

abandoned: people were in a location, but then they left it.
hollow: empty
tasty: delicious
lid: cover; top

Raccoons are common throughout North America. They live in urban, rural, and suburban areas. They make their homes in old, hollow trees, or they live inside burrows, which are holes dug into the ground. Sometimes they try to make themselves at home in abandoned buildings, and they might even try to get inside your house when it’s cold during the winter.

Raccoons are very intelligent animals. They’re good at finding food, and they adapt well to their environment. They know that when people put garbage outside of their homes, there’s probably some tasty food inside the garbage cans. In areas populated by both raccoons and people, it’s a good idea to have a trash can that has a strong lid* and doesn’t tip over. These fury little creatures are very determined to feed themselves and their families.

Raccoons are cute as babies. In fact, some people try to keep them as pets. But when they get older, they can become quite large and very destructive. That’s one reason why it’s not a good idea to keep a raccoon as a pet.

Raccoons are nocturnal animals. That means they are most active at night. The mother raccoon travels with her babies as they go out looking for food. Unfortunately, they sometimes walk onto highways where they are hit by cars and trucks. It’s very common to see dead raccoons by the side of the road if you do a lot of traveling on highways in the United States.

How much do you remember from the reading ? Fill in the blanks.

  • Raccoons are often found inside abandoned buildings. What does the word “abandoned” mean?
    • It means there haven't any people.
  • Raccoons are nocturnal animals. When are they most active?
    • Raccoons are most active at night.
  • Raccoons are cute when they are babies.
  • When they get older, they can be very destructive.
  • It’s not a good idea to keep a Raccoon as a pet.